Eric Wagner

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Netskope, Santa Clara, California                8/16 to Present

Provider of highly scalable cloud-based security infrastructure.

Senior Director of Ops, QA, and Service Delivery

Platform Engineering Operations – Critical and involved in multiple aspects of platform engineering, service delivery, technical operations, and project management while moving through several roles at Netskope.

Massively Scalable Data Infrastructure – Central to the success of Netskope’s massively scaled data systems:

SRE Dev/Ops – Created ticketing and development operation deployment process to quickly and continuously deploy fixes and features for both the Netskope product and supporting systems:

Sentient Investments Management, San Francisco, California        4/11 to 8/14, 4/15 to 8/16

Delivers massively distributed AI and genetic algorithms to solve complex problems in various fields, including equities and FX trading.

Director of Trading and AI Training Operations

1.5 Million Core Distributed AI Training System – Central to the success of Sentient Technology’s 1.5 million core distributed AI/genetic algorithm training system:

Development Operations – Created development operation deploy process to quickly and continuously deploy fixes and features to AI training and trading systems:

Trading Operations – Responsible for operational risk reduction for entered positions of tens of millions of dollars per day. Directed, directly managed, operated, and responsible for low latency order fills for all Sentient Technology trading systems, including equities and foreign exchange trading systems:

Twelvefold Media, San Francisco, California                                8/14 to 4/15

AI advertising placement and tracking.

Director of Operations

Advertising bid management services – Designed, implemented, and managed servers and services to support Twelvefold Media’s advertising bid management system.

Cloud service management – Managed all of Twelvefold’s cloud services, including the development of a cloud services backup system specifically designed to back up Twelvefold’s HDFS AD URL index.

Office move - Managed IT and infrastructure for office move.

Kyte (purchased by KIT Digital), San Francisco, California                                1/07 to 4/11

Provider of online high capacity multiscreen broadcast quality video (live and on-demand).

Director of Scalability and System Architecture

Scalability and System Architecture – Central to the success of the Kyte service by applying extensive

experience in scalability and network and software infrastructure, including:

Deployment Engineering – Developed Kyte’s deployment and installation system using a combination of Bash, Perl, and PHP. The system includes such features as automatic rollback, levels of approval, multiple tier deployments, highly structured release and patch control, control of cloud and CDN services, and full integration with Kyte’s continuous integration environment.

Continuous Integration – Deployed and maintained Kyte’s continuous integration system. Components include Perforce, JIRA, Confluence, Crucible, Fisheye, CruiseControl, Hudson, and EC2/AWS-based performance testing.

Transcoding Cluster – Development and managed Kyte’s high capacity multi-featured transcoding cluster:

Software and Application Service Tiers – Designed, implemented, and monitored all of Kyte’s software and application service tiers and tier components, including:

Internet and Network Infrastructure – Responsible for Kyte’s Internet and network environment including both the Kyte product infrastructure and corporate environment.

SenSage, San Francisco, California                                                        3/05 to 1/07

Real-time, scalable, and enterprise-level event data and log file analysis software.

IT Director

Operations and Infrastructure – After only two weeks on the job, was instrumental in the success of SenSage’s move from an IT perspective to a new office. The move, which included multiple Linux servers, firewalls, routers, desktops, and other systems, was completed within a very short period of time, allowing SenSage to continue operations with no downtime for critical systems and a small amount of downtime for all other systems.

Technology Management – Introduced and applied a full set of professional operational and IT services to SenSage.

Engineering Success – Added significantly to the success of SenSage’s engineering efforts by stabilizing and enhancing SenSage’s engineering, development, and QA infrastructure.

Vignette, San Francisco, California                                                        12/03 to 3/05

Provider of enterprise-level content management, portal, business efficiency, and collaboration products.

Engineering Services Manager

Dynamic and Effective Management – Quickly took control and re-energized an Engineering Services team that had undergone a succession of managers and staffing changes. After only a month, the team was functioning at its highest level and had become one of the most respected teams at Vignette.

Development Services – Designed and implemented the core infrastructure of the Vignette development lab – A system that included Bind, Exchange 2000/2003, DHCP, and SMTP servers; Cisco switches and routers; Linux, Windows, HPUX, Solaris, and AIX servers; Oracle and DB2; the monitoring systems Netsaint and MRTG; as well as Perl based automation scripts.

Creative and Unique Solutions – Took control of the resources in Vignette’s development lab by creating an application based on Vignette’s Portal and Builder technology. This allowed the management of all lab resources. In addition to tracking individual systems, the new lab portal can track configurations that use multiple machines, links directly into Vignette’s bug tracking system tracks when systems are checked in and out, and it even integrates with Nagios and MRTG using a Perl script to track uptime and performance levels fully.

Intraspect, Brisbane, California                                                        2002 to 12/03

Developer of enterprise-level collaboration software. Company acquired by Vignette (see above.)

IT Manager

High-Performance Email: Sendmail and Anti-SPAM – Used years of email and Sendmail experience to implement a high-uptime and high-performance email system that delivered email quickly and reliably.

Active Directory/Windows 2000/2003 Implementation – Successfully implemented and managed a multiple domains, redundant, scalable, and reliable Windows 2000/Active Directory installation in a mixed Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and Solaris environment.

XDegrees, Inc., Mountain View, California                                                2001 to 2002

Creat enterprise level cost-effective alternative to VPNs and extranets for highly secure, cross-firewall information exchange which, after XDegrees acquisition by Microsoft, is now integrated into several Microsoft products.

IT Manager

Web/Internet Operations – Responsible for five-nines uptime using Cisco routers, switches, and load balancers, fully redundant Linux, Windows 2000, and Solaris-based servers, Apache web servers, MS SQL, Oracle, ISC DNS, Sendmail, as well as the XDegrees XIN (eXtended Information Network).

Team Building – Built a strong and responsive IT team from the ground up, a team that added significantly to the success of XDegrees.

Software Development and QA – Designed and managed the software development system, including CVS, bug-tracking, the QA lab, and code and build testing (using Rational Purify, Bugzilla, Bonsai, and Mozilla Tinderbox).

Zaplet, Inc., Redwood Shores, California                                                1999 to 2001

Developer of the Zaplet Appmail System, an email-based collaborative business process management software for mission-critical business processes such as supply chain management and customer relationship management. Zaplet recently merged with MetricStream.

IT Manager

Team Management - Directly managed the 12 IT team members.

Information Strategy – Planned, from a technical, strategic, and budgetary perspective, Zaplet’s entire application, network, server, and telecom infrastructure, including:

IT Support – Created a complete work order system with appropriate services levels, notification, and escalation that gave the company a strong and reliable IT support infrastructure.  This infrastructure has been integral to the success of the company’s product and to multiple company initiatives.

Telecommunications – Provided a complete, innovative, and cost-effective system for all corporate telecommunication needs. Directed the transition from a lower-end PBX to a higher-capacity PBX enabling over 500 handsets, VoIP, least-cost routing, and full call-center services such as ACD, CTI, and IVR.



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University of Vermont

B.A. Anthropology

Lambda Alpha (Anthropological Honor Society)